Suddenly by an accident the Computer Technician Rick Rich was sucked by the viruses, now he have to fight against him and pass through all the levels !!!


A / D -  Walk

Spacebar - Jump / Double Jump / Skip intro

Left CTRL / Left Mouse - Shoot

Developed by Achenar Studios.


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Portable Game (RAR) 13 MB


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Simple but fun gameplay, great graphics. I felt a bit stuck while trying to shoot and move though.

I got tired after dying like 4-5 times, but great job!

Hello, thanks for playing the game !! We will try to make those things better !

I could not figure out how to get past the first level, I killed the scorpion and tried jumping and dashing to the warp gate but he could not go far enough.  The animation is great and still was fun.

Hello, thanks for playing the game ! You need to double jump by pressing spacebar while on the air, and get hit by the spikes on the center of the screen to get a knockback up.

@Gabriel1375 I was thinking that was the path but hurting yourself never feels good and is a deterrent to players, might be better to let them dash through it, they get to use dash, which looks awesome and would add more fun.

The dash is a bit too low, i dont think anyone can pass it by using it at the first attempts,.. I agree that hurting yourself never feels good to the players, but it may help a few players that didn't saw the health bar on the bottom center of the screen, and let him know that the spikes gives 50% damage... 

The cold NES-like punishment of restarting to level one each time you die mixed with classic Metroidvania vibes, great cut scenes, interesting sprites, Bubble Bobble-esque level design,  and a sick theme song make Glitch Buster an addictively fun ride.

Thank you very much for playing the game !!

The Portable Game version works better than the WebGL one, please download it for a better gameplay !